Alberts improves UNO one step at a time

Trev Alberts, Vice Chancellor of Athletics at the University of Nebraska Omaha has high expectations as the school is still undergoing the transition from Division II to Division I.

“It’s been about as smooth and seamless as I could have ever imagined,” Alberts said, “Obviously I had no experience doing this before, I personally have never done this before.”

Alberts said he thought that they would be marginally successful, but had no idea that the athletic community would turn out to be as successful as they are right now. He gives all the credit to the student athletes.

The former Nebraska football player said they had nothing in the beginning. The community has been very supportive of the university during the transition.

“Most schools if you’re Division II you might need to add some upgrades to it, but we had nothing,” Alberts said.

Alberts said from the administrative standpoint it has been extremely smooth, but it has also been challenging because they have more work to do in order to make the university the best it can be.

He gives credit for the university’s athletic success to the city of Omaha. He believes they wouldn’t be able to raise the kind of money they need and be able to recruit the kind of student athletes they have today.

Alberts said, “I will continue working hard until every coach and program has all the resources necessary.”

Even though he has been striving to improve the university athletically in every aspect, Alberts still manages to attend as many sporting events as possible.

Junior student Derrick Broekemier said he attended almost every home game for women’s volleyball and there was never a time he didn’t see Trev’s face.

“He was always really into every game by clapping and cheering and showing his school pride,” Broekemier said, “You can just tell by looking at him during the games that he is proud of his student athletes and their many accomplishments.”

A look inside the Sapp Fieldhouse where the Maverick hall of fame is located and the office of Trev Alberts.

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