Bieber’s Back At It

Twenty-one year old pop star Justin Bieber just recently dropped his new single called What Do You Mean on August 28th. His song caused an uproar across the nation, even setting a new Spotify record, beating One Direction’s twenty million streams in their single Drag Me Down. Bieber’s song was streamed more than twenty one million times in just five days. Let’s see what the Omaha community has to say about him.

“I think Justin Bieber needs to grow up, he’s grown up a little bit recently, but he still has a long ways to go.”

“When I was young I always used to watch Justin Bieber on YouTube with my friends and when he got famous I thought it was awesome, I feel like I was one of the founders of him because I was one of those views on YouTube that got him famous. So I feel like I have always been a part of the Justin Bieber fan club.”

“I think Justin Bieber’s talented, but I think he’s a punk. I feel like he will make a comeback as long as he keeps his head on straight and stays away from drugs and alcohol.”

Bieber performed the two songs, Where Are You Now and What Do You Mean on stage at the VMA’s, making it his first big performance in three years. After singing his last song, Bieber got so emotional he broke down into tears, realizing the support he was receiving from his fans, which confirmed the new song was a success.

“I think it’s okay, I think his older stuff is a little bit better than that new song.”

“I was really excited when he came out with it and I think it’s a great song, it has a good beat. So yes, I’m a fan of his new song.”

For Media Storytelling 2, I’m Sydney Dhabalt.


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