Chapter 7 & 9 Recap

Chapter 7 talks about designing web pages and the basic design structure used on most online journalism sites. Designing web pages is part science, part practical skill and part art. The art part is usually what scares most people since when they don’t consider themselves artistically inclined. The good news is that you don’t have to be artistic in order to create attractive and useful Web pages. The web pages people create may not look like works of art, but at least they can be attractive and easy to use.

Designers call the basic layout structure of a page the grid, whether it be a print document or a web page. A grid is pattern of lines and boxes into which the content fits. Another concept carried over from newspapers is the idea of designing above the fold. This means that the top half of the newspaper’s front page contains the most important information and the most attractive elements so that when people see it they will be attracted to it and will be more likely to purchase it.

Chapter 9 talks about curation, which is the gathering, organization and presentation of existing online content. The increasing number of online journalism organizations is recognizing this. The rise of the Web and online journalism have changed the way we think about what journalism actually is. Linking is an important part of online journalism as well. Once you choose to link, you can also integrate social media sources and even content from competing news organizations.

The creation of pages such as this can be facilitated by a wide variety of tools that is still growing today that help journalists link and present social media and other types of content more easily. Blogs have been allowing specific links, usually through permalinks, which mimic what named anchors do without the need for writing additional code.


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