Kyle Gravlin Recap

Kyle Gravlin is a meterologist for KETV. He is from Connecticut and graduated from college in 2007. He had never taken a broadcast or journalism and was a shy student who never asked questions in class. He was very strong in math and physics, but was horrible in English and writing. Gravlin did an internship his junior year in college in the weather department and it really changed everything for him. It was his first time standing in front of a camera with a green screen. He said it was the most terrifying and nerve racking thing he had ever done. He had always thought he sucked at reporting, but was told many times that he would have a future in it. As a child, he would always watch the weather and found a great interest in it.

His first job was in Casper Wyoming where he worked for two and a half years as a week day morning meteorologist. He said it wasn’t very fun because it was a big culture shock for him and the pay wasn’t the best. Gravlin said getting your first TV job is the hardest because you have to find ways to stand out from other people.

Gravlin said working for KETV has completely blown him away and he has learned so much from working there. TV is a very competitive market. He misses almost all holidays and there are many sacrifices you have to make working in the TV industry. Even though you miss a lot of time with family it is also many rewarding experiences you gain from working in the field.

To do any job in the TV industry you have to be an effective communicator no matter what and you have to get used to writing on a deadline. Gravlin said he enjoys reporting because he likes the challenge of it. He said it’s important to try and learn as much as possible because it can only benefit you in the future.


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