White’s Road to Recovery

Jake White, junior transfer basketball player from Wichita State who currently plays for the UNO Mavericks is letting no injury get in his way.

“I injured my ACL during a fast break drill in basketball practice and I came down wrong on it and I tore my ACL and my lateral meniscus,” said White.

White says it was really hard not to play basketball because he has such a passion for the sport and for it to be taken away was a real struggle for him. What made it worse was the rehab process because it took a lot longer than expected.

“I had a lot of complications with scar tissue and getting my full range of motion back,” said White.

White says even though it was really hard not being able to play basketball, he was still able to gain a different perspective by watching his teammates play and studying how they play and how his coach operates so then when he was able to step back on the court he would be successful.

“Right now I am one hundred percent. My knee feels great, my leg is strong and I’m ready for the upcoming season,” said White.

For the UNO School of Communication, I’m Sydney Dhabalt.


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