Jodeane Brownlee Recap

Jodeane started her presentation off by taking about her experience in radio and different careers you can have in the field. She attended college at Morningside and then decided to come to Omaha to teach as a teacher’s assistant. She enjoyed that because the hours were great and flexible. She never got back into TV or radio because she discovered that teaching really is her passion and that it’s okay to change your course in your career.

Jodeane originally started in the radio industry when she was only 16 years old. Radio was a lot different back then because nothing was digital like it is now. She got a job as a TV reporter for four years. She didn’t enjoy it much because the hours weren’t great. She was required to work late nights, weekends, and holidays. She said it became a very stressful job because you always had to be looking your best, whether that be always dressing professionally and your hair always having to be perfect. She was always pressured to give the best interviews. She eventually got an offer to go back into radio and it was offering more money. She couldn’t imagine herself anywhere else.

Jodeane plays a big role in Mav Radio. Right now she is in the works to get an app for Mav Radio. Her husband is a web producer so she thinks she can make it happen. Mav Radio broadcasts men’s and women’s basketball games and all Omaha hockey games. Right now they are trying to get funding to send the general manager out to Boston to cover the Frozen Four. Mav Radio is currently trying to push the sports aspect because that’s what its mostly used for. Jodeane said they are trying to work on drawing the audience in more, but are not exactly 100% sure how to do that yet, but are in the process.


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