Chapters 10 & 11 Recap

Chapter 10 provides an overview of all the media elements but focuses mostly on graphics, sound, video and rich content and how they can be used in online journalism. As discussed in previous chapters, the Internet’s most important traits are its ability to combine different types of media elements effortlessly as well as its interactivity. Capabilities like this allow journalists to tell stories in new and interesting ways without being constrained to the traditional broadcast and print media. Interactivity allows the user to manipulate the information in a story or construct their own story out of individual media elements.

A popular type of media element is graphics. They can be powerful tools in journalistic storytelling. A graphic can be a photograph or an original creation like a map or chart. Sound is also another important media element. Using sound bites from sources or even entire interviews can be made available online to users.

Chapter 11 introduces the basic processes and equipment used to to gather images, audio and video for online journalism. The principle piece of equipment used to gather visual images is the camera. A wide range of video cameras is available depending on personal preference. There are devices that can be attached to the camera like microphones, tripods and lenses.

It’s important to practice the different techniques of a camera with new equipment as much as possible before you start covering real stories. It is preferable to learn these things while you are not under deadline pressure so that when issues arise during a real story, you’ll be much better prepared to deal with them.

After you have taken your footage, the important part is the editing process. As journalists, the goal is not to necessarily give the user everything, but to give them the most relevant and compelling information.


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