Chris Machian Recap

Chris developed his love for photography in high school when he took a yearbook and photography class. He then started shooting pictures for UNO football when he was a student here. He then proceeded to work for the NY times, USA Today and The Gateway while he was still in college. He also interned at the Omaha World Herald.

Chris talked about the basics of news photography and provided a power point with pictures that showed us exactly what he was talking about. He said the basic goal of news photography is to tell a story. We learned that there are three different ways to tell a story through pictures which are the tight and detailed shot, the medium shot and the wide shot. Each kind of shot portrays the story being told in a different way. Machian mentioned other things to consider when photographing which is the background, the lighting, the layers and the lens choice. He showed examples of pictures where the background is out of focus so the eye is drawn to the main object being photographed. Sometimes not everything is in focus and that’s okay because it makes for an interesting picture. Machian stated that kids can be hard to photograph because they like to wave and as a photographer you always want everything to be natural.

When taking a picture it is important to make sure nothing is sticking out in the background. Machian stressed how it is also important to get emotion in a picture. He showed the class an example of a woman crying whose husband was just recently killed. He made sure to capture a tear drop running down her face. A picture like that will really draw in the audience.

When putting a caption with a picture it is important to have the location and identify everyone in the picture by name and make sure it is spelled correctly. Even if there is someone in the photo who is not crucial to the story you still must get their name.


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