Chapter 4 & 8 Recap

Chapter 4 talks about how in our culture things are becoming interchangeable. The Internet is basically a hardware where everything is connected to one thing and the World Wide Web is different places you can go to online. The TCP is the transmission control protocol which is the technology used to transfer information. The TCP works by breaking data into small chunks that are addressed to specific computers. The IP, which is the internet protocol, are addresses that allow other computers to identify it. The IP address is usually a series of numbers seperated by periods.

Everything today that was originally tangible has gone digital which means it is electronic of on a computer. A problem that comes with this is having enough space to put all your information out there. Video takes up most space because it has audio and pictures involved.

Chapter 8 talks about the importance of headlines and how it is the initial text the user sees about a story. The goal of an online headline is to give the reader an overview of the story and attract the person to read the rest of the story. Some headlines that are used in newspapers won’t work as well online. Online headlines tend to be shorter because the goal is to make a really sexy short headline to draw people in.

The value of providing key words is that it links them all together and helps users find stories more easily. The keywords are usually click able links that lead the user to a different website.

The value of updating stories online continuously is that users can constantly consume the updated information which can be very helpful. For example, twitter is a good example because users can retweet news for others to see that can be visible on their page.


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