Josie Loza Recap

Josie Loza was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She graduated from Brian High School in 1999, which is where she really explored her love for journalism. She has always loved to write. She met the newspaper crew and they taught her the love of words. Loza said that when you write your voice comes through the words you put on paper. Loza expressed how important it is to make mistakes and that college is the perfect time to make them.

She said that this is the time to leave an imprint on your career. Do as many internships as possible whether it is paid or not. The experiences you will gain from them will be unforgettable.

Loza said that no matter what field you choose to get into you need to be persistent and know how to communicate with others. Loza constantly annoyed editors to let her have the opportunity to write stories because she simply just wanted to be given the opportunity.

Loza always enjoyed a challenge. She used to be an obituary writer when she was 21 years old, where she was given a name and had to capture their life in one line. She said it was extremely challenging, but she always tried to make it fun.

Loza also had her own night life column. She said it was a lot of sourcing, networking and getting to know people. Nowadays, you really have to learn how to use social media to connect with people. She mentioned how she always kept an eye on trends in fashion and different things people did on the weekends in order to make good news stories.

Technology moves at such a fast rate now, so she wanted to be on the online team. Loza used twitter a lot to get her voice out there.

Overall, Josie Loza took every opportunity she could to get to where she is today. As students, we should follow in her footsteps and seek as many opportunities as possible that relate to our career.


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