Conner Reveling

Conner Reveling is a 24-year-old student from Omaha Nebraska who is attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha as a communication and broadcasting major. Reveling graduated from Millard North in 2009 and attended the University of Nebraska for two years as a business major before deciding to transfer to UNO.

“The transition of colleges was interesting, but I am enjoying my time at UNO now,” said Reveling.

In high school she enjoyed competitive cheerleading and spending time with friends and family. Reveling described herself as a loyal person and works hard at everything she does.

Although Reveling has many friends, she is still on the search for her significant other.

“I am single as a pringle,” Reveling said.

Reveling has a 27-year-old brother named Brian who lives in Omaha as well as a 40-year-old step brother named Andy. She said she has a strong sibling relationship with both of them and always enjoys spending time with them.

Reveling works as nanny for a family with two little boys, Jack and Will. She has been with them for two and a half years.

“I love the family and the little boys bring joy to my life, but I think it is time to switch jobs because being a nanny can be very stressful,” said Reveling.

Reveling is looking forward to taking a trip to Las Vegas with close friends to celebrate the bachelorette party for her best friends wedding.

“I feel very blessed to be her maid of honor, but I should probably start preparing my speech,” said Reveling.

Reveling enjoys spending time with her three pets. She has a dog named Layla and two cats named Tally and Shay.

“I named my cats after a book that I read when I was little because the two main characters were best friends and so I wanted my cats to be best friends too,” said Reveling.


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