Chapters 5 & 12 Recap

Chapter 5 talks about how it is extremely important to always see if the online source you are using are credible. Websites that end in .edu, .gov and .com tend to be the most trustworthy. Whenever conducting an interview, it is best to stay away from email related sources. The reasoning for this is because it tends to be very informal; the interviewee may ignore some questions because it could make them feel uncomfortable. Since it is not spur of the moment, they do have the right to do that. The interviewee has more time to think about the question and carefully provide feedback instead of being on the spot. This sounds like a good thing, but in reality you don’t get to pay attention to body language while they answer the question or ask follow up questions to retain more information. Overall, doing interviews over email is a lazy way to get work done.

No matter what story you are writing, it is important to be up front with people and say who you are and why you are asking them certain questions. You want to make sure they know where their information is going so they won’t be shocked if they see it in the media later on.

Chapter 12 talks about the legal and ethical issues of journalism. As a journalist, it is always in your best interest to tell the truth and admit when you have made a mistake. Also, an online journalist can be sued for libel just like any other journalist can. The restrictions deciding the outcome of the case would be much the same as they would be for a journalist working in print or broadcast.

Both of the chapters share a common theme, which is to always tell the truth when telling a story because it is worth it.


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