Chapters 1-3 Recap

The first three chapters discussed how there are approximately two billion people who use the Internet today. In my opinion, there is a much larger amount of people. Everybody seems to be using the Internet these days. When you’re in public all you have to do is look around and you can see for yourself. Everybody has their face in their phone. The Internet has been called the greatest advance for communication since the invention of the printing press. I agree with this because I don’t know anybody who doesn’t enjoy using the Internet. It’s easy, fast and convenient. Most people admit that they would not be able to live without their smart phone; it is their life line for everything going on in life.

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it allows information to be published almost instantaneously. What is convenient is that the audience no longer has to be sitting at a computer to access content; all they have to do is pull out their smart phone or other mobile devices, which provide immediate access. Internet is unique because it’s the only medium that can combine all of the other media content in one place. It can offer video, photo and audio.

User generated content is becoming very powerful in the news. We are no longer called readers; we are called users because we are given the opportunity to participate. People send photos taken from their iPhones into the news to help tell stories instead who is actually working for the news station.

There are many traits that distinguish journalists from other professionals like lawyers, advertising copywriters and stock analysts. Journalists must be fair no matter what and must correctly attribute all information. They must be accurate and relevant by providing context for information. Also, journalists should have newness by providing information that hasn’t been given before.


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