Guest speaker recap #1

I enjoyed listening to LeAnne Morman speak because she talked about how she graduated from UNO and her journey to get to where she is now. She explained how she got the “broadcast bug” and just knew what she wanted to do. I enjoyed seeing how she transitioned from working at Fox 42 as a photojournalist and then moving to management. She offered great advice about how to tell a story and had great interviewing tips. I liked how she prepared a power point for us to look at. She talked about how to lay out a story and how we should ask ourselves questions like what is the headline and who are the main characters of the story. She discussed many interview success tips like how to ask open ended questions and provided a good examples of some so we could understand.

I like how she enforced the main keys in telling a story which are the who, what, when, where and why. LeAnne mentioned that if you put the 5 W’s into practice then it will help you have the most wholesome and broad stories. She also stressed the importance of knowing the most important facts that need to be conveyed during a story and the different kinds of photo, video and audio that would best help tell the full story.

I liked how LeAnne expressed the importance of how we should be thinking of the next question we want to ask our interviewee before they finish answering the initial first question; she said it will keep the conversation going smoothly. She said to be friendly and relaxed during the interview because it will make the interviewee at ease. Overall, I gained a lot of helpful information for interviews I will have in the future. Everything she said stuck out to me and I’m excited to incorporate it into my future projects!


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